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(Old Art) Cohen Bellamy (history in description)
Early Childhood: Cohen had a fairly shit childhood. He was brought up by his poor parents as an only child. His parents had a pretty bad relationship, arguing a lot and never really giving Cohen much attention. He'd go out with his friends and cause trouble in order to get attention from his parents, but it usually ended up with him getting a beating. He'd sit in his room when he was grounded and listen to punk and rock records that belonged to his dad.
Adolescence: All throughout highschool Cohen was a trouble maker. He spent most of his time skipping lessons to sit around in the toilets and smoke, and when he wasn't doing that he would disrupt lessons and make witty comments. At age 13 his mother died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving Cohen in a state of shock. He stopped eating normal food and would only eat chicken flavored noodles and cereal, and that's how he'd remain for the rest of his life so far. Any other food makes him instantly puke. At the age of 16 Cohen joined his first gang, committing crimes and eventually killing his first man. It left him disturbed for weeks but as he kept doing it, he grew jaded until he actually started to enjoy doing it. His father completely disowned him for this. Years later of living in the UK, Cohen decided suddenly to just leave for America. He had always heard things were nicer there. He could make a living killing.
Adulthood: Cohen relocated in Steelport, living in a run down shitty apartment and taking assassination jobs off the deep web. The 3rd Street Saints, still lead by Jonny Gat, caught wind of Cohen's incredible sniping skills and took him on. He was firstly met with an ill response, the other Saints not liking him or his attitude. As the years dragged by though, Cohen started to become a big part of the Saints, a real asset to them. After earning enough cash, he got a nicer apartment in a better part of town. Not perfect, but better. He has lived there ever since.
Cohen Bellamy (Bio in description)
Note: Cohen was created in the universe of Saints Row The Third. I'm kinda trying to work him out of that universe since he's my main OC at the moment. So just to clear up all the Saints Row related shit in his bio.
Name: Cohen Bellamy
Alias’: n/a
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Species: human
Birthdate: 21st April
Country of Origin: England (Currently lives in Steelport)
Occupation: Assassin, 3rd Street Saint
Language(s): English
Native tongue: English
Religion: Athiest
Education: Went to school, but dropped out of high school after he joined his first gang.
Intelligence: Average
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Sniper, a few other assorted guns. Probably has a switchblade or something.
Money: makes good money from his assassinations.
Transportation: motorcycle
Height: 5 " 10 '
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: dark brown, almost black
Hair: dark brown
Skin: white, almost greyish. Usually has deep purple bags under his eyes because he has a lot of difficulty sleeping.
Figure/build: average build, more on the skinny side. A little muscle but not much. Has a little fat on his belly. Slouches.
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Fleur de Lis on his upper right arm, two stars under his left eye & an inverted cross above his right nipple. More to be added.
-Scars: large scar across his forehead, other small cuts and scabs covering his body. He has a habit of picking scabs so it leaves marks.
-Piercings: two on each lobe.
-Clothing style: mostly wears a vest with jeans, but sometimes wears sweaters.
Other?: Cohen has a patchy beard. It's more like just gross stubble, but he refuses to shave it off even if it makes him look like a disgusting hobo.
Currently lives: Steelport
Living Arrangements: apartment, sometimes stays at the Saints HQ
Description of daily surroundings: pretty messy
Hobbies: likes to play chess, has a small collection of retro consoles which he likes to play on (especially Pokemon Red on Gameboy)
Talents/Skills: actually pretty good at chess, has exceptional aim and almost always lands a headshot.
Strengths: His keen eye.
Weaknesses: He's getting a little clumsy and slow with his age, doesn't sleep very well.
Love interest(s): Ethan Pryce (A friend's OC. They don't draw so... Whoops.)
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Dominant Hand: left
Diet: Ramen and cereal. That's all he's eaten for years.
Virgin?: no, lmao. This man's a slut.
Drinker?: heavily
Smoker?: VERY heavily
Drug user?: used to use Heroin but rarely touches anything these days.
Other addictions?: not really
Personality: Cohen is a jaded, lethargic old man. He's pretty lazy and if he's not doing an assassination job he usually just sits on his ass and binge smokes cigarettes.
Likes: chicken ramen, fucking, cigarettes, starting bar fights.
Dislikes: being bothered, getting old, losing bar fights.
Motivations: money
Morals: doesn't kill innocents
Favourite food: chicken ramen
Favourite drink: beer
Favourite color: grey
Favourite song: Hanging Around, The Stranglers
Favourite movie: Trainspotting
Favourite sport: n/a
Favourite book: n/a
Favourite bands: Gorillaz, The Stranglers, Whitewoods, Blur, Radiohead, David Bowie Stereophonics, Joy Division, Sex Pistols etc...
-Parents: Conrad Bellamy and Diane Bellamy (deceased)
-Siblings: None
-Other close relatives: he has a son named Ben whom he recently met after having no idea he existed.
Friends: Cethin Claddagh (Another OC I have)
Partner: Ethan Pryce
Offspring: Ben
Enemies: Morningstar, Luchadores, Deckers
Pet(s): has a pet raccoon who he rescued


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